I chose to read this book because I saw the movie, and I liked it. I also really like the storyline.


Title- Twilight
Autor- Stephenie Meyer
Publication- little brown
Genre- Fantasy romance
Total pages- 544
Date started reading: November 25th


How frequently am I reading? 3

How good of a job did I do selecting my book? 4

How much am I enjoying my book? 4

Have I been successful at reading my book regularly? 2

Would I like to spend more time reading? 4

I pledge to read my book for 14 minutes a day.

-Brave- she is brave because she isn’t scared to be around vampires.
-Tough –
-Sarcastic sense if humor- she sometimes makes silly sarcastic jokes out of place.
-Stubborn because when people tell her things she just does what she wants.
-Clumsy: Examples: on her birthday she had a paper cut, in a house full of vampires.

Bella in the story is described as being clumsy and very stubborn. She is also very self-controlled, being able to ignore the scent of human blood on her first hunting trip. Bella's private mind that was able to repel some vampires' mental abilities while she was human evolved after she became a vampire; her skill strengthened, allowing her to shield herself and those around her from other vampires' mind control.